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Only Serving High Quality Fresh Delicious Meat

Custom Meat Processing

Let us process your meat! Here at Lighthouse Custom Meats we have excellent meat merchants ready to process your order according to your exact specifications. We have an excellent online program that allows you to order precisely what you want with ease. We can also take your order by phone or stop by our storefront to talk to one of our knowledgeable team members directly.

Who We Are

Light House Custom Meats is an Indiana based company that was established to promote locally grown and hand-picked livestock from top producers. We also endeavor to provide a clean and Christian-based work environment for the great staff that is the backbone of Light House Custom Meats.

Our Purpose

Light House Custom Meats enjoys helping the local community experience less food chain disruptions while still maintaining strict quality control. These goals become possible when we personally visit local farmers; examine their farming practices, and eventually purchase only the Best Animals from the Best Farmers. We appreciate the opportunity of processing high quality, locally grown beef for both local and regional consumers. 

What We Offer

The primary goal at Light House Custom Meats  is to be a premier meat processing facility, as well as, to provide a retail area and fresh meat counter that offers the local community the opportunity to consistently obtain only the Highest Quality Meats & Select Cuts. Our team of expert Meat Cutters are always on hand if you need a cut that is not offered at the counter.

Quality Control

Light House Custom Meats is one of the few Federally Inspected plants in Indiana. This ensures our compliance with the United States Government’s extreme levels of processing procedures and sanitary practices.

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